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Gordon Branch started playing guitar in 1983 with a used $50.00 import acoustic guitar. Desiring a nicer guitar but not able to afford one, he found a guitar-building class taught by master luthier, Ervin Somogyi, and built his first guitar ... a steel string, cutaway acoustic. Combining a background in woodworking and precision machining, Gordon began to develop his own electric guitar designs, blending traditional tonewoods with modern materials to create instruments that push the envelope of conventional thinking.

In 2001 Gordon relocated to the hills of the California Mother Lode, settling in Sheep Ranch. The town center has a population of about 32 people and more than 30 free-range sheep. It also has a rich gold mining history. He planted a small vineyard that now produces about six cases of a respectable merlot each year.

Gordon fulfilled his dream of building a home and workshop in 2003 and began building guitars full time. He built his first aluminum body guitars and then refined the design through several different versions. It finally emerged as a radical design reduced to the essential components.
In 2010 Gordon unveiled his first aluminum tubing-based guitar, a definite sonic success with a stunning look.

"It has been my experience that setting eyes on a Branch Guitar for the first time can cause a person’s jaws to drop. Playing a Branch Guitar for the first time can be memorable. Watching a player caress the flowing curves of the body, play the first chord and respond to the feel of the guitar jumping to life is very rewarding to this builder."

The tone of the Branch Guitars is clear and dynamic, with rich harmonics and incredible sustain. Nearly every part of each of Gordon's instruments are made by hand. This includes the bridge, the control knobs and the truss rod. He also shape the necks by hand so special neck shape requests can be easily accommodated. He personally selects all of the wood. The various woods he has in stock have been air-drying for 10 to 25 plus years.

"It is my belief that building a great guitar starts with carefully selecting the finest materials and giving meticulous attention to detail throughout the construction process. No effort is spared in the crafting of your instrument. I take pride in every instrument I build." -- Gordon Branch


Below, Matthew Dean interviews Gordon Branch of Branch Guitars.

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